We Capture Memories

Through rituals & the art of design, we capture memories – 

It’s a proces of awareness – whom are we deeply connected with?

And what are the things that define that connection


As creative spirits we feel the need to create and connect –

the constant quest for beautiful materials, and the transmission of

exceptional know-how – which enable the creation of useful – and elegant

objects that embody our pasion & which stand the test of time

Introduce me to


My name is Tabitha Penninkhof. I am convinced that everyone is unique. That we need each other for that very reason. After all, it is precisely because we are unique that we complement each other.


Ubuntu. I am because we are, or you are because we are. This uniqueness does not end with a goodbye. This being unique always remains. And especially with a farewell, it is valuable to name and record this uniqueness in order to remember in a way that fits. After all, no new memories are added. And you know? You don't just say goodbye at death. Saying goodbye is in many facets of life. And even then you can go back to where it all started. Ask the question: what made it unique?


Who I am? I am a "people" person so I work in service professions. I enjoy being able to mean something for the other. In addition, I have a strong empathetic and analytical capacity, which allows me to separate main and side issues well and view them from multiple angles. Precisely that means that I can quickly get to the core of what makes someone or something unique, resulting in a suitable reunion. A unique and valuable memory; a reminder as befits. You are unique so your farewell must be unique and a unique memory.

Hi, I'm Ian!

I capture memories, I live to create, I live to connect, I live to let people experience life to the fullest, to connect and disconnect with the world we live in. I live to create but mostly I create to feel alive. 

​I believe that each of us makes the world around us a bit more beautiful through his or her connection.  By connecting to our purest self, we share us. Our passion, moments, music, objects, thoughts and we create memories. Connecting is sharing, and sharing is enriching.


Personally I love the  feeling that exists in creating experiences and memories with but specially  for other people. Experiences are the new kind of luxury that the world is shifting towards. It's something  that becomes part of us and changes the way we see the world.  

This could be as simple as a conversation in the supermarket with a random stranger,  watching a  sunset, or listening to a concert underneath the night sky. 


With van  Penninkhof I want to make people conscious of their amazing memories. And to capture exactly those specific memories that we eternalize by a timeless piece of jewelry.  ​ ​ ​